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About SBC

SBC — is a European company, based in the Czech Republic, which provides investment services in the Central and Eastern Europe for institutional as well as accredited individual investors worldwide.

The company started operations in 2009 with specialization in commercial real-estate brokerage services. Over the course of time, direction of the company has shifted towards investments and investment services business as this industry appealed most to the knowledge, skills and ambition within the company.

In 2015 company refocused its service portfolio onto the investment services market with its proprietary service offering in private equity investments.


Vision at SBC is to enable businessmen and people with active stand in life to advance to the next level of performance and productivity.

By taking care of the routine, SBC provides strategic support in enabling customers to focus, take steps and advance in their currently most preferred activities — be it a new business venture, existing business, family, lifestyle or charity.


SBC values determine the way the company conducts its business.


We take active and proactive measures to ensure integrity of the business, brand, reputation and trust of our customers.


Business relationships with customers, suppliers and partners are governed on the grounds of mutual respect and values being delivered.


We strive to excel in services delivered by performing continuous knowledge expansion, technology investments and expertise acquisition.


We source investment opportunities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and North-West Federal District in Russia and we operate out of two principal locations.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague office provides services for the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Saint-Petersburg office provides services for the Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and their adjacent territories in Russia.

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