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Business Consulting

SBC conducts professional consulting on the topics of investments and business management for a just-starting entrepreneurs, newcomers in business, seasoned businessmen as well as general public.

The consulting will be helpful for entrepreneurs and anyone who is considering to start a business, for professinal business consultants, researchers and scientists in field of economics, professional and public media.


Extensive experience and knowledge in planning and conducting sales — a key business process of the company.


Investments is a principal business of the company. Consulting on topics such as investment valuation, sourcing of investments, investment vehicles, investment analysis (NPV, IRR, MIRR), financial modelling and others.

Product Development

Extensive experience and knowledge in area of product development in financial and IT industries — product lifecycle, product conceptualization, market feasibility study, profitability study, product development methodologies, product support and improvement.

General Business Questions

Concept of the market, role of a business in a market economy, business solvency, business management.

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